Warranty Policy

We, Sepack India Pvt. Ltd. Warranty the products against Manufacturing defects only, for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. For Bag Closer, the Warranty is applicable for the motor & for 6 Months only. The Warranty is applicable in the Servicable areas specified on our website. We undertake to repair or replace at our option, any defective product which we are satisfied is originally defective. This warranty does not cover damage due to accidents, lightning, mishandling, or negligence on the part of the customer or if the mechanism is tampered with by the customer or any unauthorized person. This warranty does not apply for breakage of bake lite, porcelain, heating element, cartridge heater, glass parts, fiber fabric, rubber parts, Teflon items, chipping or peeling of paint, enamel, plating, or failure due to normal wear and tear of any parts once the same has been sold. The products like Hand machines, Hot Air Guns, Bag Closers & Foil Sealers do not have on-site service, and the same is to be presented at your cost in our office/service center/dealer point. For the warranty repair of this product, the warranty card together with the purchase bill should be presented at the office/service center/dealer point. A warranty card without the stamp and signature of the authorized dealer will be treated as invalid.

Machines used under the corrosive/chemicals/freezing zone will not cover the warranty. The company will not provide any warranty to the machine if any short circuit high voltage or fire happens in the customer's place.

Note: The company or service center will be charging a service charge (Service charges + TA at actuals) for an exclusive visit for changing parts due to wear & tear like Teflon cloth, belts, etc. or misalignment happened due to improper fixing of the same by customer.

Productwise Warranty Details