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Inspection Conveyors

Visual inspection plays an important role in end of line cashew processing because of the complex shape and structure of kernels and variety of grades. It allows processors to separate deformities, infection, inferior grades from the good grade while filling. Inspection systems are available in varied lengths and widths to meet the specfic requirement in a particular processing facility. PU food grade belts are usually used. The system comes with/without canopy and light and lights.Variable speed AC drives are used as power sources.

Z Elevator (Automated Filling Systems)

Filling systems are meant to meet specific requirement of industry to elevate kernels for processing or packing. SEPACK Z type filling systems and inclined systems are designed and built with utmost consideration to product safety. PVC food grade belts with horizontal cleats and side wall is being used. The cleaning of contact parts are also consideration in the design of systems. AC single phase motors with gear box are being used as drives.

Bucket Elevator

Generally used for filling raw products

Stitching Conveyor

Used for stitching bags mainly used with rice packing machine

Motorized Pouch Insertion Machine

This is an important accessory, brings convenience and speed in pouch forming

Dryer Mouth Weighing

To measure the quantity of the product processed in a day

Tea Blending Machine

Used for blending Tea used along with tea packing machine