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Hair Remover

Sepack's innovation and cleaning system (dust & light particle remover-pre cleaning machine) is an important addition to the cashew, peanut, peas and other nuts packing system. It effectively separates lighter impurities like hair, dust, lighter testa pieces, husk pieces, paper pieces etc. from kernels, found commonly in a processing environment.

Platform Vibrator

Vibratory filling platform (Vibratory Settling Platform) is used in "Flexi Packaging System" for compacting of the kernels within the pouch to reache corners while filling before taking it into the vacuum sealing machine. This help the bag to contain the quantity and maintain the perfect shape after packing. This is pedal activated and powered by a special vibratory motor.

Vibro Screens

Vibratory filling screens are grading of dry and wet materials in varied industries. Our multi deck vibratory screens are widely used in cashew industries to screen out of small impurities and broken grades from whole kernels. 36 inch (900 mm) & 48 inch (1200 mm) screens are used in multiple deck configuration.

Inspection System

Sepack's offers online and stand alone Inspection system (Metal detection & separation) for separating metal contamination from cashew kernels. Online systems are generally incorporated in the inspection conveyor where the raw kernels are continuously moving. If the contamination of specific size is detected, the some is rejected using s pneumatic flap opening mechanism.