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DBA 200

Automatic strap threading, Designed for higher productivity

Semi Automatic - MH MD

Top and Bottom Driven

DI 380

Ideal for printing statutory markings / coding on plastic / paper pouches, duplex boards / cartons, labels etc.

Premium Series

Foot operated premium series..

SEPACK 650 VV65 (Cashew Vacuum Packing Machine)

Ideal for vacuum packaging / MAP of bulk produces / products. This is ideally used in the export packing of Cashew kernels and other nuts

Continuous Band Sealers-Gas Flushing

Gas Flushing Continuous Sealer is ideal for packaging of fried items like chips, mixture, nuts etc. This sealer provided with a temperature controller to control the sealing temperature and a variable speed drive for adjusting the sealing and conveyor speed. This series has vertical and horizontal model variants. The horizontal model is suitable for packing non-spillable items, while the vertical model is suitable for packing spillable items, this model can carry a maximum load of 3kgs. Ideal for packing fried snack food with gas filling.

Inspection Conveyors ( Filling System )

Inspection conveyors forms an integral part of the total filling system

Automatic strapping machine AS 11N HD ( Heavy Duty )

AS 11 N HD models of Semi Automatic Strapping Machines are built for Heavy Duty Strapping application. It is generally used for strapping cartons, boxes etc. with PP / PE straps.

Semi Automatic Box Strapping AS 11 N

These are popular models to meet regular strapping requirements.

DI 380 W

Ideal for printing / coding on wider pouches,boards, cartons, labels etc

CS 15 PID (H/HV)

To seal bags up to 5 kgs unit weight, Vertical mounting

FH Delta series (Economy)

FH Delta series sealers are used for sealing of laminated bags

SEPACK 900 V V - 150 ( Tea Vacuum Packing Machine)

Ideal for vacuum packaging / MAP of bulk produces / products. Widely used in the bulk packing of tea

Z Elevator (Automated Filling Systems)

Z Elevators are generally used for filling raw products/ processed producs into a hopper for further process / packaging

Hair Remover

Used for separating lighter impurities like hair, dust, paper, husk from raw products like Cashew, peanut, peas, kernels, Pulses, Cereals etc.

Platform Vibrator

vibrators and equipment for settling and packing materials in drums, containers, packages, molds and forms.