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Bulk Tea Vacuum Packaging Machine

Vacuum Packaging machine is the heart of the system. It comprises of a sturdy vacuum chamber, pneumatically operated sealing jaws and a new generation high vacuum pump. The chamber opening and closing is automatic and uses pneumatic system.

Continuous Sealers

To seal different types of pre filled flexible polythene pouches continuously. Applications in various industries


Maintains the freshness of the packed food / product TT No spills, spoils, dripping etc. SS & Aluminium construction, Higher Production

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Semi Automatic - MH MD

Top and Bottom Driven

DI 380

Ideal for printing statutory markings / coding on plastic / paper pouches, duplex boards / cartons, labels etc.


Suitable for laminated bags, PID temperature controller ( +/- 8 degree) tolerence

Hand Operated Impulse Sealers

Ideal for home / industrial sealing applications

Automatic Carton Sealers - MH MJ

Automatic adjustment of carton sizes by the machine, Ideal for assorted carton sizes line

CS Digital ( CS 3H / CS 15V)

Suitable for small laminated bags up to 1 kg / 5 kgs

CS 3/15 H/HV Intelligent

Intelligent models are more suitable for sealing virgin plastics

Premium Series

Foot operated premium series..

Delta Series ( Economy)

Foot operated

FH Series (Premium)

Foot operated Hot Bar sealers are used for sealing laminated bags

IS 80 P

Portable induction sealers are used for hermetically sealing bottle caps (plastic-screw type) using Alu foils

IS 50C

Continuous Induction Sealers are ideal sealers for continuous inline production lines

Stretch Wrapping Machines MH-FG-2000 B (Pre Stretch Wrapping )

Ideal for palette wrapping, Powered Pre stretch

SEPACK 650 VV65 (Cashew Vacuum Packing Machine)

Ideal for vacuum packaging / MAP of bulk produces / products. This is ideally used in the export packing of Cashew kernels and other nuts

Continuous Band Sealers-Gas Flushing

Gas Flushing Continuous Sealer is ideal for packaging of fried items like chips, mixture, nuts etc. This sealer provided with a temperature controller to control the sealing temperature and a variable speed drive for adjusting the sealing and conveyor speed. This series has vertical and horizontal model variants. The horizontal model is suitable for packing non-spillable items, while the vertical model is suitable for packing spillable items, this model can carry a maximum load of 3kgs. Ideal for packing fried snack food with gas filling.

Pneumatic Sealers

Pneumatic sealers are available in two variants / two sealing lengths. Suitable for heavy bags

Mobile Sealer - 900 MSE

Sealer reaches to the bag rather than bag is taken to the sealer

Foil Sealers ( FS )

Foils sealers are available in Premium models & Delta series

GW 10 Regular

Ideal machine for automatically dispensing preset weights. Suitable for free flowing granular products like tea powder, rice, seeds, pulses, grains,

GW 75 Net Dispenser

Net filling system suitable for open mouth bags in various ranges from 10 kgs to 50 kgs.

Inspection Conveyors ( Filling System )

Inspection conveyors forms an integral part of the total filling system

Pet Strapping Machine

Used for strapping purpose

Online Metal Detector

Food Metal Detector is ideal for packed food items and for products that can be availed in pouches, bottle, jar, corrugated box etc. The Food Industry Metal Detector is offered in optimum coil design and adopts a precise inspection algorithm. Food Industry Metal Detector can be installed online and the metal contaminated product can be rejected automatically. This product finds application in various industries like food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, garments, plastic processing, packaging industries, and other industrial organizations. Online metal detectors are incorporated on a material conveyor to detect ferrous, non-ferrous and SS contamination in the raw product

Automatic Impulse Sealer (AIS 450)

Automatic Impulse Sealer

Automatic Tube Filling Machine

Automatic Tube Filling Machine

Bucket Elevator

Generally used for filling raw products

Stitching Conveyor

Used for stitching bags

Auto Weighing and Dispensing Machine

Used for weighing and dispensing

Motorized Pouch Insertion Machine

This is an important accessory, brings convenience and speed in pouch forming

Gravimetric Weigh Dispenser GW 10

It is an ideal machine for automatically dispensing preset weight and sealing

Gross Bagging Machine (Gravimetric Weigh Dispenser GW 75)

These machines are used for semi-automatic bag filing of free-flowing granular products. GW75 provides fast and accurate filling of open mouth bags. Compact design with dual load cells eliminates inaccuracies inherent in single load cell designs. These machines can be fixed to low dispensing silos.

Tea Blending Machine

Tea Blending Machine