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Jumbo bag filling machine


Initially operator fill the material to the buffer storage hopper and then set the target weight.
Place the bag mouth to the dispensing funnel and activate the lever switch, the dispensing funnel will hold the mouth of the bag.
Once the bag mouth is clamped, hook the bag to the suspended hooks at the 4 corners. Once the bag hooks are placed, activate the pedal switch. Upon activation, bag will lifted up and then the material start dispensing in the bag initially through coarse feed and later through the moderate and fine feed to achieve better accuracy.
Upon achieving the target weight, the bag will lowered to the wooden pallet kept at the bottom and in the meantime, filling funnel will also release the bag mouth.
In order to install this bagging line, we require minimum 6500mm clear height below the roof.
We offer +/- 500-gram accuracy on full scale.
Soon after the bag rests on the wooden pallet, you may use a pallet trolley or truck to take away the bag. As an option, we can also supply a take away conveyor.
Once the bag is removed from the weighing and filling system, operator can clamp the 2nd bag and the cycle continues.

The Line consist of
1. Sensor controlled vertical bucket elevator with vibratory constant feeding system with feeding hopper.
2. Gross weighing system with approximately 2000 litre SS storage hopper (1.6mm) built out of double frame 50x50 MS power coated structure.
3. Jumbo bag mouth clamping system.
4. Pneumatic bag releasing mechanism.