Vacuum Packaging

The Covid - 19 pandemic has created a greater awareness among consumers - the importance of food packaging   and greater risk associated in handling  food products in loose.  This will catalyse the demand for flexible packaging in the food and beverage industry. This has definitely reflecting in increased sale of flexible packaging products. Protective packaging techniques are gaining more importance in the post Covid scenario.  Vacuum packaging is perhaps one among the best method for extending the shelf stability of foodstuff, especially perishables.

Sepack has a strong legacy of making vacuum packaging systems in India.  The company is the forerunner in introducing vacuum packaging in India, has been offering flexible vacuum packaging systems for more than 3 decades.  Sepack vacuum packaging systems are used in food industry, metal powder industry, for packing sensitive electronic parts, engineering products etc.

Vacuum packaging will help food processors to maintain original qualities of the product for a long time without adding preservatives. Despite the fact that, vacuum packaging is not practiced widely in India, attributing to the reason of additional cost incurring on the packaging material & labour - Bulk vacuum packaging justifies this in a great extend as the additional cost / unit is becoming negligible when considering the advantages.

SEPACK is the bestselling brand in Bulk vacuum packaging systems in INDIA - known for its quality in materials and workmanship. The brand is dominating the Indian market with unmatched after sales support all over the country. The systems are available in various sizes and designs to match to the specific requirements of each industry.  Chamber type closed systems for high vacuum applications as well as open systems for partial vacuum systems are available. 

SEPACK bulk vacuum packaging systems are predominantly used in Nuts packing, Tea Packing, Spices Packing, Food grains packing in India.

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