Bulk Bagging system

SEPACK INDIA PVT. LTD., one of the majors offering packaging machines in the country has started offering one stop solution for bagging systems suitable for a wide range of granular free flowing products of varied sizes and nature. We have adopted a modular approach in the design of the bagging system comprises of standard modules, such as;

  1. Gravimetric dispensing head / Gravimetric weigher - GW 75

  2. Bag stitching / Closing system with slat conveyor and stitch head

A Modular approach - Benefits

The process of designing a new packaging machine or system can be an overwhelming task, but, in a modular approach, we always try to break them down to comparatively easier tasks, to make the process easier. The benefit of a modular approach is; different modules can be arranged to fit the application.

Here are some of the benefits of modular design to consider when implementing new packaging equipment.

As plants consolidate and grow to become more efficient, space is always at a premium. Modular design can accommodate tight or unusual spaces by allowing for the arrangement of modules in a way that offers the most benefit to the plant.

Having modular equipment components can accommodate the inclusion or exclusion of machine operations. The modularity of the design can usually accommodate unique needs. It is tailored standardization.

Offers the benefits of economies. They also add flexibility and allow a greater variety of product to be produced in a smaller footprint compared to a unique approach.

Gravimetric dispensing head / Gravimetric weigher - GW 75

The all new GW - 75 Gross dispensing system from SEPACK is packed with a whole lot of unmatched, unique technical features never offered in the industry with refreshed and trendy looks. The ergonomic & compact design allows the equipment to be used for a wide range of granular sizes - from the finest to the moderate sizes, without compromising on filling accuracy.

GW 75 series gross dispensing machines are used for bulk filling / dispensing of finest granular products to moderately bigger granular products from a quantity of 10 Kgs. - 75kgs. This system has inbuilt modules like (a ) bag clamping device, ( b ) load cell , ( c) Control electronics & user interface.

This series of gross dispensing system can be easily incorporated to an existing storage, with the help of a simple interfacing flange makes it easy for companies as they don't require spending valuable money on supplementary feeding lines. The machine is pneumatically activated.

The new design is effectively blending gravity bulk and moderate feed gates and fine vibratory feeder for better speed, accuracy and brings in versatility to the equipment. In short, the new GW - 75 gross weighing system is a simple one stop solution for bulk filling of granular products.

The unique feature of the product is; this module can be fitted / incorporated to the oldest silos / hopper in your plant, having the minimum clearance from the ground. Basic models are available in two variants such as a) with Gravity feed gates , b ) Gravity feed gates & fine vibratory feeder ( for difficult products ).

Customised options are available such as mobile units, which is suitable for temporary / makeshift installations (even one machine can be used for multiple silos - thus bringing economy), with features like pneumatic height adjustable etc.

Standard features:

I For free flowing granular products like seed, rice, grains, dry sand, etc I Suitable for open mouth bags I

*Up to 10 bags per minute

I Weighing range 5Kg - 75Kg I Dual load cells for greater accuracy I Coarse & fine feed weighing arrangement I Digital indicator with high visibility display I Simple software operation and set-up I Digital Weight Indicator I Bag hold switch I Bag counter I Auto zero I Auto hold for underweight bags | best in class speed & accuracy | Easy installation and maintenance


I Construction: MS with contact parts in SS I Finish: powder coated I Dual single point load cells I *Accuracy

+/- 0.5 % I Electrical: 230V, 50 Hz,I Air: 150 liter/hr @ 6kg/

Bag stitching / closing system with slat conveyor and stitch head

Independently operated Automatic / Semi-Automatic bag closing (stitching) modules are offered in addition to the dispensing head to form a complete bagging system.

This comprises a slat conveyor and a manual / automatic stitch head attached to the system.

Slat conveyor specifications:

Length: 3000 mm , width ( slat ) : 380 mm, Width : 380 mm, MOC : Slats : SS 202 , frame work : MS powder coated Drive : 1 HP AC motor with gearbox ( bonfig ), Linear speed : 5 mtrs / min

Stitch heads - available variants:

  1. Motorised automatic stitch head with sensor activated, pneumatic cutting, Motorised height adjustment

  2. Motorised stitch head with pedal activation

  3. Manual stitch head

Automatic stitch heads are normally available in 2 needle 4 thread models.

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